2011 PWDCTC Annual Meeting & Performance Fair

By Peg Thomas

The winter weather cooperated with us this year allowing our club members an easy drive to the Animal Inn Training Facility in Lake Elmo for the Portuguese Water Dog Club of the Twin Cities' 25th Annual Meeting.

Doors opened at 11 am. Before long the Inn was filled with PWDCTC members preparing for the Canine Good Citizen test, setting up tables for our appetizers and desserts, setting up our merchandise table, and setting up a craft table filled with pre-cut strips of polar fleece (all ready to be assembled into unique "tug-toys").

Members set up crates in one section of the training room. The excitement began as the exuberant PWDs started bounding inóready for anything and everything! Eager PWDs are so happy to see more eager PWDs!

Certifier Eileen Roston gave the details of the Canine Good Citizen exercises to the teams before administering the test. Congratulations to Magen (PEJA HOLIDAY AT MAGENS BAY CD JWD) and Steve Bergerson for successfully completing the CGC. Thank you to Eileen Roston for conducting the CGC Test.

The PWDCTC's 25th Annual Meeting was attended by nineteen club members. After the Secretary's and Treasurer's reports, 2011 President Kristi Portugue turned the meeting over to 2012 President Cathy Shonka. The 2012 Officers and Board of Directors were announced as follows: Vice President-Karen Derr, Treasurer-Linda Hunt, Secretary-Peg Thomas, Directors, Yas Bakshian, Jill Gilbert, Deb Scofield, Penny Wetmore, and Angela Yarbrough. There will be a 2012 planning meeting held in January.

Materials were on hand for various performance activities including Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Agility, and Water Work. Obedience Run-Thrus were available to anyone wanting to work their dog in that area.

The highlight of the day was an Introduction to K9 Nose Work by Amy Allwine and Sharon Middendorf from Active Dog Sports Training. K9 Nose Work is an activity that develops your dog's natural scenting abilities through fun and games. You teach your dog to find a hidden scented object. During the demonstrations with Amy and Sharon's dogs, it was obvious to see how excited the dogs are about this new dog sport.

We wrapped up the day with some good-humored fun for our energized PWDs playing games lead by Nicole Bearman. During the "Team Retrieving Game", it was amusing to see each inquisitive PWD decide which object to pick up. The "Simon-Says" game was really more challenging for the handlers than it was for the PWDs, I think! Thanks Nicole!

I would like to thank everyone for making this such a successful club event!