2012 Seminars:
Winter Trick Training & Water Workshop

By Karen Derr

This past March 24-25, we welcomed Tammy Etscheidt to teach our trick training and water workshop. Thirty-nine of the forty participant spots filled and it was great to see some new faces!

This year we tried something different by offering four three-hour sessions, along with pre-workshop assignments, which were supported via a chat list. This worked wonderfully, with participants arriving ready to go with enough basic information under their belts to fully take advantage of their workshop time.

The tricks sessions were awesome! The pre-workshop homework introduced the basic four foundation skills necessary for all tricks, whether it be riding a skateboard or turning off a light switch. Four feet in a box, nose touch, hand touch and retrieving are the building blocks for tricks like putting your toys away, rolling up in a blanket, pat down, roll over and high five; the list of possibilities goes on and on.

Our water sessions were equally fun. Participants who were in the tricks sessions were able to see how trick training definitely ties into successful water training. Tammy's approach of keeping things fun for both the dog and handler is motivating and encourages a joyful approach to doing "water work." We covered the exercises in each level, the types of equipment, and discussed training and trialing issues. Fun was had by one and all!