A Letter from Rigby

By: Darleen & Jim Cassidy (March 2013)

Hello World!
My name is Rigby and I am a rescue PWD. Linda Hunt found my Mom & Dad, and Peg Thomas took care of me for a week until I could come to my new home.

I am a black curly PWD. I have a white goatee and a white patch on my chest. Oh yeah, and a couple of white toes. I am too cute for words… need I say more?

Our household is small, just the three of us. I go twice a week on play dates with other 4-legged friends and am very social. Mom is a Webmaster and Dad is a Medical Device Executive. They spend waaayyyy too much time on the computer, so they need me here to take them for long walks/runs in the woods and trails on our farm.

PWDs have been loved in this family for over 20 years. I see photos, mementos and toys from the three PWDs who have lived with them over the years. They have always lived out in the country and don't compete in dog sports. As I mentioned, they need me here to take them for walks and to love them.

Favorite activity… well that's a tough one. Since I moved here we've had nothing but snow, so I'm not sure what's out there to do. Until the ground comes into view I love to chase balls (more to the point, anything you will throw for me) and run run run thru the snow. I go to Obedience and so far I'm enjoying learning all the new stuff they're teaching us. Since we are not able to go far outside yet I've learned to walk on the treadmill, it makes me laugh! We have a large deck so I can play outside when it's not too cold.

I am happy, my entire body shouts 'happy boy' from morning until I crate up at night. I do like to untie shoelaces, steal socks & underwear from the laundry basket and jump into Mom and Dad's lap when they're not paying attention. I love to chew, so there are lots of bones, bullys and antlers for me. If I had my way I'd only eat the NB Lamb Roll. It's yummy!

I want to thank Linda & Peg for finding me a home where I can be loved and live for the rest of my life. And BRING ON SPRING SO WE CAN GO OUT AND PLAY!