Interview with Jagger

By: Nancy Dyer (October 2012)

Q: What is your name? Registered name and story behind it, if any. Call name and nicknames.
A: My registered name is , Kalista's Ready to Rock. My human mom, Nancy Dyer, has two grown daughters; my new sisters! Mom explained to them that the kennel name of the breeder had to come first, followed by an "R" name, because I am from the "R" litter. After much discussion, my human sisters came up with Kalista's Rock 'n Roll because they wanted to call me Jagger, as in Mick Jagger! Mom thought Jagger was a great name, but continued to work on the registered name. The owner/instructor of my training facility suggested, Kalista's Ready to Rock, and Mom decided that was perfect. I'm happy that my call name is Jagger after such a great rock star, and believe me, I'm more than Ready to Rock the world! My mom also calls me, Little Jags, Jag Jags, The Jag Man, and Stink Pot!

Q: Describe your physical appearance.
A: I'm almost entirely black except for a dab of white on my chest. Linda, my breeder, calls me "leggy" because I appear to have long legs at this point in my growth. My mom says that I'm her "handsome boy".

Q: Where were your born?
A: I was born on Upper St. Dennis Road in St. Paul where my breeder, Linda Hunt, lives.

Q: Tell us about your family, i.e., your humans and doggie housemates.
A: My mom is a retired special needs physical education teacher. My new canine sister is a black and tan Shiba Inu, Kuma. She is very smart and knows a lot of stuff, but she doesn't really appreciate me yet. She's been the only doggie child for 12 + years and she sure gets cranky when I zoom through the house and see how close I can come to her before she gets after me. I hope that she will eventually grow to love me. One of my human sisters has a big black labrador named Toby. My mom decided to try formal training with Toby, hoping to help him with some behaviors at home after a new human baby came into the family. Mom had always wanted to participate in dog training but never had the time or $$$, raising two daughters on her own and keeping them involved in their own competitive sports.
She started Toby in rally and obedience about 1 1/2 years ago and later added agility. Toby loves to play and roughhouse with me. We have great fun together Now I go to Tails Up Dog Training with Toby and we take turns doing our obedience training. I also started attending conformation run throughs with my mom. Recently, I have started working with a junior handler, Bailey, who has two PWDs in her family. She knows much more about the show ring than my mom! She is a lot of fun, but she really wants me to look my best in the ring. So, I'll have to work hard, learning how to strut my stuff so that I don't disappoint her.

Q: What made your family want to add you to their lives?
A: My mom decided she was ready for a new puppy to formally train right from the beginning; something she has never done before. She was always somewhat disappointed that my doggie sister, Kuma, wouldn't go near water. My mom is a huge water lover. So, she began researching water loving dogs and PWDs came out on top, hands down!

Q: What are your favorite activities?
A: My favorite activities are tug of war and playing with Toby, but I also really like swimming. I'm excited to learn how to do many new things, including rally, obedience, water trials, and perhaps become a therapy dog in the future.

Q: What is your best quality?
A: I'm fun loving, smart, and eager to learn.

Q: Which of your behaviors does your family complain about most?
A: Bugging my sister, Kuma, even after she's repeatedly told me off. And, although I'm trying to contain my excitement, I can't totally refrain from jumping on people and trying to kiss them.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: I love my daily meals of Natural Balance. But my treats before kenneling up at bedtime are absolute heaven! When I'm training and do well, I earn turkey hot dogs!

Q: Anything else you would like to add?
A: I LOVE MY NEW HOME AND MY MOM! I can't wait to meet all my future friends in the PWDCTC!