Interview with Iko

By: Sandi and Carey Manson (March 2013)

Q: What is your name? Registered name and story behind it, if any. Call name and nicknames.
A: My name is Kalista's Iko Indigo. Since I was a member of the Kalista's "I" litter, my mom and dad picked Iko after the song Iko, Iko, because they both love that song. They call me Iko most of the time; Ike and Ikee sometimes.

Q: Describe your physical appearance.
A: I am black wavy with a big white cross on my chest, white front feet and a little white on back toes of my back feet.

Q: Where were you born? Who was your breeder?
A: I was born in the Highlands of St Paul. Linda & Krista Hunt are my first parents and breeders.

Q: Tell us about your family, i.e., your humans and doggie housemates. What do they do for a living? What dog sports do they compete in?
A: My dad, Carey, is a mechanical engineer and my mom, Sandi, is a retired electrical design drafter. My dad is busy doing all kinds of things, like running, mountain biking, water skiing, downhill racing (snow skiing). I get to go running, biking and even cross-country skiing with him a lot. My mom got me certified as a therapy dog so I can go to nursing homes and hospitals and visit lots of people.

Q: What made your family want to add you to their lives?
A: My family has had a Portuguese Water Dog, since 1984 when they got their first one on their honeymoon. They got their first dog, Karma, near Green Bay, Wisconsin. They wanted Portuguese because they read about them in Geo Magazine, that we are friendly, great with kids, love the water and don't shed. I think the not shedding was what they like an awful lot.

Q: What are your favorite activities?
A: I love fetching Frisbee and doing weaves and jumps. I used to do agility with Carey but haven't done an official run in a couple years.

Q: What is your best quality?
A: I am extremely quiet and very calm. Plus I listen extremely well to what my mom and dad say- ALMOST all the time.

Q: Which of your behaviors does your family complain about most?
A: They don't like me being on the couch when they're not home. But the thing they really hate is when I find dead fish and roll in them.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: I really like the crunchy ends on lettuce.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?
A: I am very curious and wonder about cats. They make no sense to me why they do not like to play Frisbee and sniff freely. I have met many cats, but none that want to be friends. I am still looking if anyone knows one.