Interview with Chelsea

By: Kristina & David Olson (February 2014)

Q: What is your name? Registered name and story behind it, if any. Call name and nicknames.
A: My AKC name is Marshview Xtra Blue Marina Chelsea. Marshview is my Breeders Kennel name, the X in Xtra is because I'm from the X litter and Blue Marina is something my human mom liked. My call name is Chelsea, it was picked because it was a pretty name and had the word Sea in it.

Q: Describe your physical appearance.
A: I am a wavy haired black PWD with white on my chest. When I was little the white on my chest was shaped like a Cross, now that I've gotten bigger it's more like a strip of white.

Q: Where were you born? Who was your breeder?
A: I was born on March 31st, 2013 in Brandon Wisconsin (near Waupun), my breeder is Marshview Kennels. My mom's name is "Maliboo" she is owned by Marshview's owner Pat Devries and Julie Vanderbush. Maliboo is a Grand Champion and also does agility, water work and barn hunts. My Dad's name is "Beckham" and he comes from ClasSea Kennel in Indiana. He is owned by Tabby Thompson and Kathy Maguire. He is a Champion, very close to Grand Champion (2 pts to go) and is also involved in obedience and water work.

Q: Tell us about your family, i.e., your humans and doggie housemates. What do they do for a living? What dog sports do they compete in?
A: I live in New Richmond WI with my family which includes my human Mom Kristina, Dad David and human siblings Lilli, Cole and Dalton who are all teenagers. My doggie housemate is an 8 year old King Charles Cavalier named Lady. My human mom works at Hazelden Foundation in Center City MN and my Dad works at the University of WI River Falls as an Electrician. My human siblings like to play soccer and video games. Lady doesn't play sports she just lays around all the time and tries to steal my food. I try to play with her but she gets tired easily.

Q: What made your family want to add you to their lives?
A: My human Dad's Mother (Christine Olson) has been involved with showing Bullmastiff's for a very long time and has been interested in this breed for a few years. My human mom Kristina loves Dogs and wanted to get involved in it so that's why they got me. Christine also got my brother (Clipper) at the same time so it's fun having a sibling that I can see a lot!

Q: What are your favorite activities?
A: My favorite thing right now (at 9mths old) is to go outside in our fenced back yard as often as my humans will let me and shovel my nose in the snow and jump around and try to take branches off of the bushes and trees. I also like to play with my humans and take the stuffing out of all of my stuffed toys. My nose is always to the ground sniffing things so I think maybe I might be good at nose work later on.

Q: What is your best quality?
A: Everyone that meets me says I have a very pretty face and really nice big white teeth.

Q: Which of your behaviors does your family complain about most?
A: Well currently I am in my first heat so I guess they would complain that I'm a little bit moody, I just lie around and give them a sad face. Typically I am a good girl and I like to do tricks but I also have a mind of my own so if I don't want to do something I can be stubborn.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: I like Taste of the Wild canned food mixed with dry kibble and sometimes some raw beef (store bought) thrown in there, but I'm kind of a nibbler and Lady steals my food if I take my time eating it. I also love apples as a treat!

Q: Anything else you would like to add!
A: I am excited to be part of the Twin Cities club it is really fun to meet other PWD's that I can play with, learn with and share things with too. =)