Interview with Snow

By: Patrick and Nancy Pellowski (January 2012)

Q: What is your name? Registered name and story behind it, if any. Call name and nicknames.
A: My name is Mariner Sail on Snow White, but I answer to Snow, Snow Cone, Snow Shoe and Snowy the Dog. I don't know the story behind my name - it was given to me by my breeder. My Mom thinks it's because I am as pretty as Walt Disney's Snow White.

Q: Describe your physical appearance.
A: I am a black and white wavy coat PWD. My face, chest and paws are white (OK… the paws are sometimes black - I get dirty on occasion). I am told I am a big girl, but I meet the breed standards.

Q: Where were you born? Who was your breeder?
A: I was born in Houston, Texas and my breeder was Cynthia McCullough, Mariner Kennels.

Q: Tell us about your family, i.e., your humans and doggie housemates. What do they do for a living? What dog sports do they compete in?
A: I am the only dog in the household (at this time). My human parents took early retirement, so they can be with me all day long. However, they do let me go to Doggy Day Camp once a week to play with my friend Bentley and I spend quite a bit of time with Izzy and Josie, my two Labrador dog friends next door. We love to chase each other and wrestle, and Izzy especially likes to swim with me in the river and retrieve sticks.

Dad likes to spend time playing with his toy trains and digging things up with his tractor. Mom loves to knit, paint watercolors and make pottery. Both of them spend way too much time reading books on their iPads, when they could be spending time with me. OK, they do take me for several walks each day, let me swim in the river and play in the yard with me. But it is my opinion that if I'm awake it should be all about me - preferably with treats involved.

At this point, we are not competing in any "official" sport. However, my Mom just enrolled me in a beginning agility class in September. Dad thinks we should continue the water training and try water work next year.

Q: What made your family want to add you to their lives?
A: Hmmmm…. My Dad walks around the house asking himself that question daily. My parents always wanted a PWD, but couldn't have one due to their busy work schedules. So when the retirement date started to get closer they decided that it was time to get a PWD. I am sure glad I ended up with them. I get to go for boat rides with Dad, and Mom likes to take me to lots of places for long walks every day. We are also exploring off-leash dog parks in the area so I can run and play to my heart's content. Every day is a new adventure.

Q: What are your favorite activities?
A: Swimming, most definitely. I could swim all day long if they would let me. When I moved up to Minnesota from Texas the water was pretty cold and I really didn't want to go in it. But now, I go swimming in the river by our dock at least three or four times a week. When we go to an island on the river with a sandy beach, Mom will swim with me and I can dig holes and run up and down the beach to my heart's content. I also love running and playing with the dogs next door.

Ooooooo…. I love food, next to swimming, eating is my favorite activity.

I also love romping around in the yard, sniffing, 'helping' Mom with her weeding and other yard work, sniffing, eating, napping, playing with squeaky toys with Dad, eating, napping, playing with my toys and chewing things, eating, looking out the window, eating, cuddling on the couch downstairs while Mom and Dad watch TV, and napping.

Q: What is your best quality?
A: Mom says my best quality is my sweet nature and fun-loving attitude. Dad says he needs to think about it a bit more. He's so funny. Mom also thinks I'm pretty smart, because I pick up on new commands and tricks quickly. She teaches me something new every week!

Q: Which of your behaviors does your family complain about most?
A: Hmmmm….. Funny you should ask this question. Both Mom and Dad tell me that I need to come when called. I have been working on this, but I still need lots more practice. I do it very well when I know there is a treat waiting for me, but not so well when there isn't.

They also tell me that I chew way too many sticks. They are always taking them away from me. My Dad always says something about pooping 2x4s, but I really don't know what he is talking about.

Did I mention the "Wall of Shame?" Well, that is a place where all of my stuffed toys go after I chew holes in them and Mom has to mend them. Dad is talking about remodeling the house and expanding the wall.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: What foods don't I like! I would have to say salmon is my favorite. Wait…. ground turkey is my favorite. No… animal crackers are favorite. OK… popcorn in my favorite. No, no… Mom makes me a healthy peanut butter dog biscuit - those are my favorite. But then there are those little mini marshmallows that are fun to catch in mid air. And I do like fresh peaches, raspberries and blueberries, sweet potatoes and pumpkin, peanut butter, and crunchy radishes too. So many choices!

My final answer would have to be Tostitos - they are definitely my favorite. My Dad makes fun of me. He says that the day I don't come running when he crinkles the Tostitos bag is the day he checks to see if I am still breathing. I really love Tostitos and how they crunch!

Q: Anything else you would like to add?
A: I should point out that my parents don't give me much of some of those foods I mentioned above; however, I wish they would. Especially Tostitos. They are both very strict when it comes to my diet. I am not allowed table scraps or to beg for food at the dinner table. I am told I have to watch my girlish figure, otherwise I will be a Portly Portie.

Overall, I am told that I am a good dog. I sleep in my crate at night with no fuss, once Mom and Dad moved my crate into their bedroom. I have had only one accident in the house, but it wasn't my fault - it was my first week and my parents weren't listening to me. I am a quick learner; and have a pretty good repertoire of tricks I can do; however, I wish Mom would stop getting all those dog training books from the library!