Interview with Pepper

By: Stacy Sola & Patrick Gross (October 2013)

Q: What is your name? Registered name and story behind it, if any. Call name and nicknames.
A: Kalista's Sergeant Pepper. My dad is a comic book nerd and wanted me to have a call name from a comic book. Mom and dad decided on Pepper after the Pepper Potts character in the Ironman comics, and since my litter was the "s" litter Kalista's Sargent Pepper fit.
Nicknames: Pepper Potts & Prince
Call Name: Pepper

Q: Describe your physical appearance.
My Mama Bear calls me Mr. Fancy Pants. Apparently I am quite handsome. Mama bear calls them my leggings. She said my leggings are essential in showing off my handsome figure. Daddy Bear wishes he could wear pant's like mine.

Q: Where were you born?
A: I don't remember being born but I do remember Grammie Bear's house in Highland Park. I love going to visit Grammie Bear and playing with my family PWDs

Q: Who was your breeder?
A: Linda Hunt a.k.a Grammie Bear

Q: Tell us about your family, i.e., your humans and doggie housemates. What do they do for a living? What dog sports do they compete in?
A: I don't having any doggie housemates. I keep telling Mama Bear and Papa Bear I want a brother or a sister but they do not listen to me. Mama Bear and Papa bear are ok. They take good care of me, take me swimming, to classes, give me food and treats and baths. I do not like baths or the loud windy thing they dry me with!

Q: What do they do for a living?
A: If you ask me they should just stay home and play with me all day. I can play and nap, play and nap, and of course they should give me lots of treats. I asked them what they did. Papa Bear works for MNDOT. Mama Bear works in Marketing and Wellness. What ever that means. I have no idea.

Q: What dog sports do they compete in?
A: Well I want to be good at all kinds of things. Right now we do Conformation. I did pretty good at Regionals and Nationals this year. Except that one time at Nationals when I acted like a doofus and decided to chase my tail when I was supposed to be standing pretty for the judge and showing of my "fancy pants".

Q: What made your family want to add you to their lives?
A: Because they love me and PWDs. Papa Bear cried at night because he wanted me so bad so Mama Bear had to give in and when she saw me she fell in love. I think my Godmother had something to do with it too.

Q: What are your favorite activities?
A: Playing with other Dogs, visiting family, going to obedience class, conformation class and swimming. I also like visiting my cousin Baily Ray. She is older than me and really small. She has short, weird little legs. She is bossy and is not too smart sometimes so I have to protect her. Don't tell her I said that. I heard her dad, my Uncle Bear, call her a Wiener Dog one time. But that confuses me because I think dogs and humans eat something called a wiener so I think that is bad. Maybe she was being a bad dog.

Q: What is your best quality?
A: Mama Bear said it is my heart. I love people and animals. I wouldn't hurt a fly. Second is my brain, I am pretty smart. Then my looks, I am a handsome little man. Which of your behaviors does your family complain about most? Mama Bear said I'm her little fashion police. I have good fashion sense cause I make sure she does't go out the door looking silly. It is not an easy job. I have to sneak in at the right moment, grab the sad looking article of clothing and destroy it. The worst was this pair of ridiculous Banana Republic high heels. I just had to save her they were so last season. They had to go.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Any kind of treat. I love treats!

Q: Anything else you would like to add!
A: No, Mama Bear said now that my home work is done we can go play hide and seek.