Water Work Follies of Lake Breeze Water Lily VI, CDX, RA, WWD

By Cathy Shonka (March 2012)

2011 proved to be a huge success for Miss Lily in the water. We got started in the water when she was just a puppy. Gingerly taking her in the water for the first time, she showed us that this quiet PWD was going to love the water!

Not that we didn't have challenges along the way. Lily did not enjoy the two-minute swim required to pass Apprentice. This gave us the "opportunity" to try passing Apprentice again, and again, and again...

Our challenge for the Working level was her Blind Retrieve of Floating Line from boat, where she swam to shore with the line rather than to the boat, and just looked at me, then looked at the shore. I was on the boat calmly giving her the command to take the long line but internally was saying "Lily PLEEEAASE take it"! Right before time ran out she took the long line and swam to me in the boat. Whew! Glad that was over! She continued the remainder of the exercises to pass both Apprentice and Working level on the same day.

I find that training water work is very rewarding, as you watch your PWD doing things they were bred to do.