PWDCTC Meetings

The PWDCTC hosts regular board meetings and general meetings throughout the year. PWDCTC members are openly invited to both and encouraged to attend to learn about their club and its activities. Board meetings are typically held independent of a PWDCTC event and dogs are, typically, not in attendance. General meetings, on the other hand, are usually held in conjunction with another PWDCTC event and dogs are often in attendance (and occasionally seem to be offering their two-cents through well-timed barks, whines and groans!). The bylaws of the PWDCTC lay out the required frequency of board and general meetings and these gatherings are where the work of our club is planned and coordinated. Check out the calendar for specific dates and details on our meetings. And please consider supporting your club through meeting attendance when you can!

Once you click on the large photo, use your left and right arrows to navigate between the photos of our general meetings or simply click on a thumbnail to jump to that photo. And if you linger on the larger photo you get to see the caption for that photo.

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