PWDCTC Water Trials

The PWDCTC is approved by the PWDCA every year to host our water trials. Here, PWDs and their handlers earn titles demonstrating their ability to successfully complete tasks like those the dogs performed as members of a Portuguese fishing crew when they were coveted workers in the Algarve. You can find information about PWDCA Water Trials and the exercises dogs are trained to complete at each level in our water work pages. Check out the specific dates and details on our water trials in our calendar.

Our club and its members have historically been champions of the working abilities of this breed and several of our longtime members were instrumental in the creation of the PWDCTC's water trial itself. Support for water work in our club remains strong with lots of folks and dogs entering and competing at every level every summer. Our water trials depend on committed volunteers to run smoothly and we encourage folks to join the cadre of folks whose rowing and stewarding allows us as a club to honor the proud history of our Water Dogs.

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